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image Atlantic Aviation represents a full-time commitment, by both itself and affiliated trainees, to produce a quality flight training environment.

As part of our commitment to you, we will provide personalized training, a broad range of classroom lectures, and use of our aircraft for practical examinations, all at no extra cost.

We are here to provide you with superb training with seasoned flight instructors and advanced-instrument ground instructors.

We will provide you with the best training and expect only your best in return. At Atlantic Aviation, students will graduate with the excellent fundamental skills of flying, giving them an advantage to complete their goals of flying for the airlines.

cessna_172_skylane NOW at Atlantic Aviation, you can obtain a Sport Pilot License for half the cost and half the hours of a regular pilot’s license! Our new C-162 is featured in the popular Light Sport Pilot program. Our 4-phase program provides you the 20 hours required by the FAA to certify as a Sport Pilot.

We also offer Tail Wheel transition training, making you a better, more precise pilot. You will hold the centerline in any airplane you are qualified to fly and in most wind conditions.


We are open 7 days a week 8 AM – 5 PM to better serve you.
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